Views of a new city

Several years ago, I did a photographic series of panned architectural structures in San Francisco, and is something I am re-visiting here in Charlotte.

To me, panning is one way for to photographically depict the experience of looking all around me, and being fully immersed in a location. As I’m exploring and getting to know a new place, working some more on this series seemed very relevant.



Calm and Storm

Having only just moved from California to North Carolina, I feel like my feet haven’t quite touched the ground yet. On top of that, a wave of tropically hot, humid and stormy weather over Christmas made hearing “sleigh bells ring….” into a somewhat surreal experience!

In spite of the terrible drought, I confess that I’m missing the California landscape — it’s been such a source of inspiration for the past few years. Having gone over a month without really doing any landscape photography, I’ve felt like something vital was missing from life.
The stormy weather actually offered a saving grace, in the form of amazing, atmospheric and tumultuous beauty — the kind that really speaks to me.

This image was taken in Pawleys Island, SC. the day after Christmas, in the calm spells between bouts of rain. It gave me hope that I can find scenery here that stirs my soul.


Anaemic Moon

Planning a landscape photograph for particular conditions or events can be frustrating, but also a lesson in seeing and making the most of what you get. My intended location for this years’ rare ‘blood moon’ was completely shrouded in fog and a haze continued for miles along the coast.

Across the estuary, as the sun set, the whole sky turned dusky pink and a pale moon rose — not dramatic, as I initially hoped, but nevertheless beautiful.

Anaemic Moon

Whether to Remain

Many people love the un-broken sunshine of California, but I get much more excited about cloud. Trying to capture the fleeting moment when the world changes color is a big waiting game — often with no results!

Waiting around for such a moment out at Point Reyes, I started playing around with some other concepts of ‘remaining’ , ‘remnants’ and fleeting moments:

remnants1 remnants2 remnants3

And then, finally, the landscape turned:


Happy Fourth from beginning to end!


I had the chance to watch the wonderful fireworks in Sausalito CA again this year. With the skyline of San Francisco in the background and the huge crowds of people clinging to the shoreline to watch the display, it made a pretty interesting scene. I tried to capture the show, from beginning to end, in one panoramic image!

Colorful, crazy, fun! Happy Fourth of July!


It can be hard putting our emotions in words, at least I find it so.

Occasionally, something about a scene just epitomizes a certain feeling, both visually and viscerally for me, and this is one of them.

I’ve called this image ‘sadness’.


Bit of a Rush

I get a bit of a kick out of risky maneuvers when I’m photographing! I fear it’ll all end it tears and camera-catastrophe one day, but until then …… 🙂

This photograph was taken in DuPont State Forest in North Carolina, laying flat with my camera on a rock at the base of a waterfall, with the water rushing beneath and around me!  It was so exhilarating — everything was blocked out by the noise and splashing, and I loved the feeling of motion from those torrents of water going past. Every now and again a heart-stopping extra surge came over the top, almost reaching me … but just not quite. At least not that day!