Whether to Remain

Many people love the un-broken sunshine of California, but I get much more excited about cloud. Trying to capture the fleeting moment when the world changes color is a big waiting game — often with no results!

Waiting around for such a moment out at Point Reyes, I started playing around with some other concepts of ‘remaining’ , ‘remnants’ and fleeting moments:

remnants1 remnants2 remnants3

And then, finally, the landscape turned:



Happy Fourth from beginning to end!


I had the chance to watch the wonderful fireworks in Sausalito CA again this year. With the skyline of San Francisco in the background and the huge crowds of people clinging to the shoreline to watch the display, it made a pretty interesting scene. I tried to capture the show, from beginning to end, in one panoramic image!

Colorful, crazy, fun! Happy Fourth of July!